• Call 911 or Denison Police Department
  • Grayson County Sheriff's Office


  • Hospital (Medical Center of Southeastern): 580-924-3080
  • Hospital Address: 1800 University Blvd, Durant
  • TMC: 903-416-4000
  • Wilson N. Jones: 903-870-4611


  • Call 911. Stay on the phone until instructed to leave
  • Denison Fire Department: 903-464-4421
  • Pottsboro Fire Department: 903-786-3010
  • Building Alarm System will also contact the local Fire Department
  • Building Fire Supression System will activate if necessary


For water related issues, please contact one of the following:

  • Sheila Smith: 903-814-0435
  • Randy Harris: 903-271-0353


For elevator related issues, please contact one of the following

  • Sheila Smith: 903-814-0435
  • Randy Harris: 903-271-0353
  • Elevator Service Co. (SSC): 877-276-8691


General Information: Information regarding possible issues.

Propane tank supply line shutoff

This is located against the building, near the side entrance to the left of the main front door entrance.

If you smell gas or propane, call the fire department, leave the building, and locate these valves. If you can, you may turn them off, or advise the first responders to turn them off.

Note: Once these are turned off, most units will not have hot water until the gas is turned back on and the individual water heaters are re-ignited.

Emergency Access staircase

In case of a fire, or if the elevator is not usuable, you may reach any floor by traversing the access stairwell.
The access doors on every floor are kept open (Except the 8th floor).

There is emergency lighting throughout, and flashlights have been installed at key locations for use in an emergency.

Lobby Alarm monitoring keypad

Handling Building Alarms: Details Pending

Unit Fire Alarms

If a fire alarm occurs, each condo unit has a fire siren and flashing light that will go into alarm.


For all other issues, please contact one of the following

    Satellite Service: DirectTV (123) 456-7890
    Internet Services: Local Internet Svc. (321)098-7654
    Unusual Mechanical Noises: Randy Harris (903) 271-0353
    Unusual Building Noises:Randy Harris (903) 271-0353


101 Diamond Point Loop, Denison, Texas 78103 Phone: (903) 463-2156